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    10 Signs You're a Montana Griz Fan

    10 Signs You're a Montana Griz Fan

    Welcome to Missoula. Home of blue ribbon trout fishing, world class recreation and the Montana Grizzlies. It’s Saturday and the streets are quiet. It’s gameday. If you’re thinking, “I use gameday to get my grocery shopping done for the week,” you can stop reading. This is for the die-hards, the frost-bitten and the born-to-BBQ Montana Griz Fans. If you’re still reading, keep reading. Here are some signs that you might be worthy of the Montana Grizzly Fan Hall-of-Fame.

    1. You’ve Had Breakfast at a Tailgate
      Waking up early to tailgate … for a night game. That’s the spirit Griz fans bring to the paved paradise they call tailgating. It’s always fun to hang with friends, but until you’ve spent eight hours with the same five people sitting in the same four lawn chairs (the fifth person sits on a cooler), you haven’t been to a Griz game.

    2. You’ve Sat in The Cheap Seats

      Watching the game from the hill

      Though the ticket office doesn’t promote these seats, they also don’t do much to discourage people from posting up -way up- on Mount Sentinel to get an elks-eye view of the game. And, while the views might not be the best, the price is worth every penny. Just make sure to wear your sneakers because 13 switchbacks is a little harder than Row 7 Seat 10.
    3. You’ve Devoured Giant Nachos from the Galloping Griz Food Truck
      If you’ve been waiting in line at the Galloping Griz Food Truck, you might be a Montana Grizzly Fan.

    4. You have two bear mascots to love. Monty and Mo!
      The uninitiated might vote Mo their favorite mascot. What’s not to love?! But after attending a game and graduating to super-fan, nobody celebrates a touchdown or runs out of the tunnel better than Monty. Pure class, a charged up Grizzly Bear is usually something you want to stay away from, but in this case, Monte is always a welcomed addition to a great play.

    5. Brawl of the Wild is On Your Calendar
      Yup. It’s on the wall, it’s in the phone and it’s on more than one tee-shirt. This game, regardless of the records coming in, is the most important of the season. Families divided. Friends ripped apart. It’s usually cold and it’s always fun.

    6. You’ve Tipped a Post-Game Footbridge Musician
      The things that YouTube stars are made of, footbridge musicians don’t get the credit they deserve, or maybe they do. Have you seen the amount of tips they get after some of these games?

    7. You’ve Said Things to Bobcat Fans Your Mother Would NOT be Proud of.
      The things that have come out of your mouth toward Bobcat fans are something you really hope didn’t get recorded.

    8. You’ve Suffered from Minor Frostbite
      Cheering on your team is easy when your school is located in Florida or Texas or the game is played indoors. Washington Grizzly Stadium is outside. In December. At the mouth of Hellgate Canyon. Yeah, HELLGATE CANYON! If you’ve ever watched your drink freeze in your hand, if you’ve ever lost feeling in your toes and if you’ve ever worn three sweatshirts at the same time and still managed to fit the jersey on afterward, you might be a Montana Grizzly fan.

    9. The Cannon Doesn’t Surprise You
      You know the cannon is coming after each touchdown. While you’re slapping high fives and getting your voice back, you subconsciously know it’s coming and cheer louder when it happens. Rookies get startled, you get psyched.

    10. Post Game Celebrations are a Given
      You know the next stop after a Griz victory doesn’t involve getting back into your car. It involves hoofing it downtown. Maroon and black invade downtown like a sea of celebration … or despair depending on the outcome. True Griz fans keep the party going well after the game is over.

    11. Montana Grizzly Apparel: Your Closet is Stocked
      Head to toe the Griz have got you covered. Literally. Hat, earmuffs, scarfs, shirt, jacket, sweats, socks. Do they make Griz shoes? If you haven’t checked out out the UPTOP Griz Gear Collections, head to the site and look around. You won’t be disappointed.

    10 Signs You're a Montana State Bobcat Fan

    10 Signs You're a Montana State Bobcat Fan

    Bozeman is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in America by the likes of Outdoor Magazine and other online listicles. And who wouldn’t love the outdoor fun loving culture? Crazy people that’s who. Nestled into this picturesque mountain town resides some of the most passionate, die-hard and party-hard fans you’ll ever meet. 

    Do you consider yourself a die-hard fan? How many of these can you say, “Yup, that sounds like me.”

    1. You’ve Lit A Teddy Bear on Fire

      It wasn’t your proudest moment, and your little sister was actually pretty upset that you took her stuffed animal to the tailgate, but it happened. But, would you do it again? Probably.

    2. The Prowl
      (You know what this means, and you never miss it.)

    3. You’re Not Afraid of Bobcats
      Most Montanans are afraid of seeing a bobcat in the wild. You? Not so much. It’s unlikely the bobcat will distinguish you from any other dinner with a backpack on, but you firmly believe that your love for Bobcat football gets you a pass in the animal kingdom. Yup, you pass the fandom test.

    4. It’s Gold!
      You’ve angrily corrected someone for calling the team colors blue and yellow. “Wrong! It’s Gold! It’s Gold! Blue and Gold!” You said just before the last person at the party left.

    5. Gold Rush
      Not a show on cable. Not why Helena exists, but because it’s the day to celebrate wearing, well, gold. “When the Bobcats run onto the field and the entire stadium is filled with gold, it really fires up the team.” If reading that sentence gave you chills. You might be a Bobcat fan.

    6. Nostalgia
      You appreciate the old helmet that has just a number. You cringe each time the logo is updated at all and you still have that throwback jacket you “scored” from a Billings thrift shop.

    7. You’ve Been Cold. Really Cold.
      December in Bozeman is balmy. Wait, did I say Balmy, I meant to say freezing. When the wind is ripping and the temperature is dropping, it’s the perfect time for the wannabe and fair-weather fans to head for the hot-chocolate. Leaving behind the fanatics.

    8. Your Griz Fan Jokes Cut Deep
      You’re yelling from a couple rows back. You’re making sure the Griz fan is far enough past you before shouting. You yell to the guy in the Griz jersey from your car, but only after the light turns green. Yeah, it’s not your proudest moment, but it doesn’t keep you up at night and yelling at Griz fans is just so dang fun.

    9. Brawl of the Wild
      You’ve attended Brawl of the Wild in Missoula and proudly rocked Bobcat gear head to toe. You took some punishment but you stood tall and proud. Driving back to Bozeman you can hold your head high and say, "Yup, I’m a true fan."

    10. Jersey = Casual Wear
      It’s April. A few months away from football season, but ya know what? It’s a Bobcat football jersey kind of day. Just like yesterday.

    Looking to gear up on your Bobcat Gear? Head to UPTOP’s Bobcat Collection and choose some of our new apparel before it’s gone!

    UPTOP Legends Spotlight: Jordan Tripp

    UPTOP Legends Spotlight: Jordan Tripp

    At UPTOP we believe in enjoying the moments that matter most. It's all about the adventure, the experience, and the great times along the way. Introducing UPTOP Legends, people who are best at "living in the moment" and showing the world what Team UpTop is all about. 


    UPTOP Jordan Tripp Seahawks UPTOP Athletic Apparel

    UPTOP Summer Wear  

    Jordan Tripp is currently a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Growing up in Missoula, Tripp became part of a third generation football player for the University of Montana. He was named the Big Sky Conference Preseason Defensive MVP in 2013 and was also named a first-team FCS All-American by the Associated Press. Tripp started his NFL career by being signed to the Miami Dolphins in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. From there, he went to the Jacksonville Jaguars and earned his first career start on December 13th 2015. However, on September 5th of this year, Tripp headed closer to home as part of the Seattle Seahawks team. We can’t wait to watch him dominate the NFL.


    Something people might not know about you: I love to snowboard!

    When you’re not practicing for the NFL, where can we find you?: Find me at the ranch.

    What’s one of your wildest goals in life?: A goal is to always achieve my best.

    How do you enjoy the moment?: Thank God for the moment, then go be great in that moment!

    Do you have an original crew? What do you all have in common?: We all share Montana, Football, work ethic, toughness, and are not afraid to have a good time with one another. We are ENJOYING THE MOMENT.

    Follow him on social media:

    Instagram: jtripp37

    Twitter: jtripp37


    UPTOP Legendary Spotlight: Brad Wilson

    UPTOP Legendary Spotlight: Brad Wilson

    At UPTOP we believe in enjoying the moments that matter most. It's all about the adventure, the experience, and the great times along the way. Introducing UPTOP Legends, people who are best at "living in the moment" and showing the world what Team UPTOP is all about.


    UPTOP Ski Brad Wilson

    UPTOP Winter Clothing

    Ski Gear Winter

    Brad is an Olympic competitor who grew up skiing at Lost Trail mountain outside of his hometown, Butte, Montana. He is also the brother of Bryon Wilson, who was an Olympic bronze medalist. Brad started skiing when he was just four years old and eventually joined the Lost Trail Freestyle team at eight years old. Brad has a glowing record in ski competitions, which started off in 2011 with a second-place ranking in the NorAm standings. Since then he has scored multiple World Cup podium finishes, three first-place medals at the U.S. Championships and a spot on the 2015 Winter Olympics Team.


    Something people may not know about you: Most people don’t know I am an artist on the side.

    When you’re not busy skiing, where can we find you?: Usually you can find me in Park City, Utah but I’m addicted to being outdoors and training so good luck finding me at home.

    What’s one of your wildest goals in life? My wildest goal was to compete in the Olympics. Now that has been completed, my wild goal is to win an Olympic Medal and win the World Cup Gran Prix.

    How do you enjoy the moment?: I enjoy the moment by choosing to. The mindset of enjoying the moment when working hard for something you love is key to success.

    Do you have an original crew? What do you all have in common?: My Butte Central guys from the class of ‘11! Although we’ve gone our different ways, we still have gone through a lot together.

    Follow him on social media:

    Instagram: wilsfreestyle

    Twitter: @Wilsfreestyle


    UPTOP Legends Spotlight: Julia Pohlman

    UPTOP Legends Spotlight: Julia Pohlman

    At UPTOP we believe in enjoying the moments that matter most. It's all about the adventure, the experience, and the great times along the way. Introducing UPTOP Legends, people who are best at "living in the moment" and showing the world what Team UPTOP is all about. 


    Colts Cheerleader UPTOP Clothing

    UPTOP Clothing Style

    Cheerleading Clothing

    Julia Pohlman has been a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts since 2011. She was born and raised in Ohio, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Ball State University. Not having much of a background in dance or cheer, Julia thought she was crazy for auditioning for the Colts and didn’t expect to even make the team. After the first round of auditions, Julia went back and would practice for hours in her living room and recorded herself in order to make improvements. She’s come a long way since then becoming a Pro Bowl Cheerleader and a team captain five years later!


    Something people may not know about you: I love to waterski.

    When you’re not busy cheerleading, where can we find you?: Near some type of water, usually the pool or the lake.

    How do you enjoy the moment?: By constantly being present in every moment and surrounding myself with friends and family anytime I can!

    Do you have an original crew? What do you all have in common?: I have a solid core group of friends that I met through Colts Cheerleading - we have all moved on but still remain very close to this day.

    Follow her on social media:

    Instagram: julialpohlman

    Twitter: jlpohlman