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    UPTOP Clothing Enjoy the Moment

    Montana Made:

    UPTOP grew from the ground up. Perhaps that’s why roots are so important to the team. Butte represents more than a hometown for founders Luke and Colt Anderson, it represents a way of life. For those uninitiated, Butte represents self-reliance, hard work and a no BS type of attitude. That being said, Butte knows how to party. Ranked one of the top destinations for St. Patty’s Day and a people-to-bar ratio that makes you scratch your head: the town is bold and unapologetic.

    Today, UPTOP continues to be designed in Montana with Butte’s tough-as-nails mantra pushing the company forward and focused on the goal: enjoy the moments that matter.

    Focus on the Customer:

    Every time a new customer experiences UPTOP, it matters to us. Some days we’ll (the founders) create a new design for the next line of apparel, fulfill online orders and deliver merchandise to our partner retailers. This isn’t outsourced, it isn’t faked. The person that designs your shirt may very well be the same person that folds it and puts your packaging label on. We believe staying close to the customer is critical to keeping our pulse on style and design innovation.

    Design Team:

    Our lead designer, Luke Anderson, is also the company co-founder. You’ll find him behind the booth talking with customers at concerts, sourcing the newest and highest quality materials from around the world and finding inspiration from fans and followers on social media. “I love connecting with our fans online. We get hundreds of photos every week of people enjoying moments in places around the country and all over the world. I do my best to share them with the UPTOP community.”