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    Luke Anderson, Co Founder:
    Memorable Early UpTop Moment: My most memorable UPTOP moment was when I saw a complete stranger wearing an UPTOP shirt. I thought it was pretty cool that someone I didn't know was wearing something we made.
    Why Team UpTop? I really enjoy designing new product and seeing the excitement people get when they see our product.
    Colt Anderson, Co-Founder:
    Memorable Early UpTop Moment: While playing in Philadelphia for the Eagles I had my brother send me out a few samples of new product for my teammates to try. When they received the gear they were very excited and complimentary about what we'd created. From that point on I knew we were on to something.
    Why Team UpTop? Enjoying moments and sharing moments is our passion.
    Ross Richardson, CFO
    Memorable Early UpTop Moment: I think the first time it really hit me was when I saw an electronic sign outside Universal Athletic lit up and said "Get Your UPTOP Gear Here!" That was pretty crazy.
    Why Team UpTop: The reason I love UpTop is because we were all friends before we were founders. We all grew up together and never really thought the lifestyle style we built for ourselves would turn into a movement, but the message resonates with a lot of people.