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    Everyone has a cousin or a nephew that wants to start a clothing company. At the outset, it seems like a viable idea. Slap a picture on a shirt and see if anyone is interested. The problem? Nobody’s interested.

    What separates good from great design:

    Great design takes a stand. It stands on its own. It stands for something. And it withstands the test of time.

    Head designer, artist and founder Luke Anderson talks about his design inspiration. “We started UPTOP to make clothes my brother and my friends wanted to wear.” If it sounds simple it’s because it is. “The clothes on the market were low quality and amateur designs at best. People from Montana work and play hard. What a lot of people outside of Montana don’t know, is that people from the Big Sky state don’t imitate. We invent. When we started making clothing, our goal was to invent a new style and a new rally around making the time matter. Our vision was always to enjoy the moment in whatever we were doing. There’s always a story to any of our apparel items. Softer throwback color combinations inserted into bold and brazen UPTOP fonts. Custom embroidery with vibrant whites and deep blacks.

    The Colorado Classic Panel Hat

    UPTOP Lifestyle Hat


    Without tipping our hand to overtly recognizing the Denver Broncos as one of the most storied franchises in the NFL, the Colorado Classic Panel Hat gives a subtle nod to the throwback gold (and grit) of the Super Bowl champs. Flying the recognizable Colorado “C” flag loud and proud while completing the classic UPTOP U logo lets everyone know where you’re from and what you stand for. The natural color combines city style with wilderness roots to fit perfectly for the front row seat on the river or the front row tickets to the concert.